Care for the Spirit, Mind, and Body


Greetings Rio Texas Colleagues! Welcome to the 2017 Clergy Wellness program. We have worked diligently to offer a greater variety of options while keeping usage and access to the program as simple as possible.

A Wholistic Approach

This year, the program will support clergy care in three dimensions of wellness, to include care for the spirit, mind and body. A hallmark of Wesleyan theology is the development or an inner holiness which manifests itself in an outward holiness. The following is a paraphrase of a letter written by John Wesley to theological writer Alexander Knox in 1778: It will be a double blessing if you give yourself up to the Great Physician, that God may heal soul and body together. And unquestionably this is God’s design…to give you . . . both inward and outward health. Paragraph 304.2 of the 2012 United Methodist Book of Discipline states that clergy are called to “exercise responsible self- control by personal habits conducive to bodily health…mental and emotional maturity…and growth in grace and knowledge and love of God.” The 2016 Clergy Wellness Program seeks to support this wholistic care where wellness that imitates from within enhances our entire being in a way that strengthens us for ministry.

How It Works

Participants have the option to select one program or activity in each category of spiritual, mental, or physical self- care. A participant may either request a scholarship up to $125.00 to defray the cost of participation (with receipt or invoice), or may choose to receive an incentive stipend of $50.00 upon completion of the activity. Complete activities in each of the three categories and you will receive a stipend of $150.00.

Who is Eligible?

All appointed clergy who are Elders, Deacons, or Local Pastors, and all Conference office staff.

New for 2017

  • Spouse/Buddy System Bonus
    Self-care efforts can be enhanced and encouraged if they are shared with a spouse. The Spouse/Buddy System can help make this possible. An extra bonus of $50.00 will be added to any activity where the spouse participates with a clergy person. If a spouse participates in all three activities to care for the spirit, mind and body, an additional $50.00 will be added to the bonus incentive. Most 2017 Clergy Wellness program activities are eligible for this bonus as long as the spouse participates in the activity with the clergyperson. The spouse is required to complete the start-up application as well as reporting forms for the bonus incentives to be applied. If you have any questions about the new Spouse/Buddy System Bonus for 2017, please contact the Leadership Vitality Office.
  • Health Risk Management Bonus (Physical Care)
    A special invitation is being extended to participants who would like to be encouraged in management of a particular health risk factor. If a clergy person is under the doctor’s care to lower, manage or monitor a vital sign or limit a practice that places health at risk, that plan can qualify for the Health Risk Management Plan. Qualifying health risk factors for management are as follows: blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and smoking. Other manageable health risk areas may qualify as well. Once a risk factor is selected for management, clergy are invited to voluntarily journal and track the management of that vital sign or health risk and receive an additional incentive of $100.00 at the end of the year if it is either lowered or maintained.
  • Updated Application Process: Simpler Participant Sign-up and Year-Around Monitoring of Progress
    For 2017, an online application portal and a simpler application process has been created to replace the multiple forms have been required to sign up for the various Clergy Wellness Program components in the past. Signing up and reporting in 2017 will entail simpler three-step process. Step One: participants will be able to set up an account with a username and password that will give year around access for tracking purposes. Step Two: participants may complete one start up application form to indicate how they will participate throughout the year. Step Three: once activities are complete, clergy are to fill out reporting form and submit to receive incentives. Also to help manage progress throughout the year, we have added and highlighted some assessment forms for each of the components of the program to help participants self-assess their progress at the beginning and throughout the year.
  • Program Availability to Conference Office Staff
    In 2016, the Conference office staff was included for limited participation in the clergy wellness program. For 2017, options for Conference staff participation have increased.
  • Wesley Nurse Activities
    Don’t forget that physical fitness programs or wellness educational events and activities offered by Wesley Nurses in your area may also qualify for participation in components of the Clergy Wellness program. If you would like to verify whether or how an activity or event offered by a Wesley Nurse may qualify, please contact the Leadership Vitality Office. They include physical wellness activities like Zumba, aerobics and classes on nutrition, Diabetes and others.

Get Started Now!

It is our hope that this program will encourage and support you in your personal self-care efforts. Your participation is voluntary, and confidential. This program is funded through a grant from our partners at Methodist Healthcare Ministries. Select a category and an activity and get started now!