(For Those on the Conference Insurance Plan Only)

HealthFlex is a special benefit offered to laity and clergy covered by the Conference’s health insurance benefit plan. It offers services such as Virgin Pulse a walking and activity incentive program, Web MD coaching, and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and more. Listed below are the available programs offered by HealthFlex. For more details about HealthFlex and the options offered, visit the General Board of Pensions Health and Benefits at http://www.gbophb.org/. Click onto the Center for Health tab, select the HealthFlex /WebMD icon, and follow the instructions to log on or set up an account. For more detailed about specific HealthFlex services, click on to the following links.

For clarification purpose the Clergy Wellness Program is a Conference Wellness Program funded by the Methodist Health Care Ministries (MHM) and is administered through the Office of Leadership Vitality. The difference between the two is that HealthFlex is limited only to health insured clients while the Clergy Wellness Program is available to all full time and part time clergy serving in an appointment. HealthFlex when used with the Clergy Wellness Program’s weight Loss Incentive Program provide great assistance to the weight loss efforts. Both wellness programs offer great incentives to its participants with a variety of different activities that clergy can benefit from.

Virgin Pulse – http://www.gbophb.org/center-for-health/services-and-programs/virgin-pulse/
An interactive walking program with an uploadable step tracker and online activity tracking, designed to increase physical activity-one of the best “medicines” around.

Blueprint for Wellness – http://www.gbophb.org/center-for-health/services-and-programs/blueprint-for-wellness/
Onsite and local blood and biometric screenings provide a baseline for current indicators for individuals and aggregate information for conferences and organizations.

Health Quotient Health Risk Assessment – http://www.gbophb.org/center-for-health/healthquotient-health-risk-assessment/
Online health questionnaire provides a baseline for current health and health risk status for individuals and aggregate information and organizations; integrates with Blueprint for Wellness and health coaching.

WebMD – http://www.gbophb.org/center-for-health/services-and-programs/webmd-health-coaching/
Telephonic, “Whole-person: health coaches guide individuals in taking the next steps towards making healthy changes, employing evidence-based behavior change and motivational interviewing techniques.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – http://www.gbophb.org/center-for-health/services-and-programs/eap/
Employee assistance programs are designed to help individuals manage issues that arise in their personal or professional lives that may impact their ability to perform their work or ministry at the level that they normally would if not for the personal /professional issues. If you need help in addressing a variety of concerns and stressors interfering with your life you can take advantage of this confidential health benefit that’s available to you. This benefit provides support and information to help you deal with issues related to work, relationships, family life, finances, moods, anxiety, depression, anger, time management and even legal matters such as wills and adoption.

Important HealthFlex Wellness Program timelines to remember:

*BluePrint Wellness – Incentive Window: April 1– July 31($100.00) *Health Quotient – Incentive Window: August 1 – September30

*(failure to complete Health Quotient can result up to an additional $500.00 deductible increase in of $250.00 per individual or $500.00 per couple if both fail to complete theHQ).

Virgin Pulse – Incentives $25.00 per quarter, plus a $50.00 bonus given in January 2017 after meeting the 4 quarterly targets in 2017.

Take Action (All year)

•Web MD Coaching – Incentive: 25 Points per call, yearlong
•EAP – Confidential
•Evive Health Reminders – reminders of important preventive screenings or task to manage Chronic Condition •Weight Watchers – Discounts 50% cost sharing
•Pastoral Consultation Line